Colour photocopy collages 2020 / 21

‘The Bathers / Edge of Town / Crème de menthe’ Installation view in ‘Spring / Summer 2015’ Dundee Contemporary Arts, 2015. Digital collage on silk jersey, lycra, water, radiators, spraypainted wood, bucket of timber, found wooden lamppost props, stencilled spraypaint and pencil on paper. (Photo credit: Ruth Clark)

‘Abs Minimum’ at Glasgow Project Room, 2013. Digital collage on silk jersey, lycra. (Photo credit: Robert James Smythe)

‘News and Booze’ performance at Tramway, Glasgow, 2014. Collaboration with Sophie Macpherson, performers Sophie Macpherson and Leigh Ferguson.

Commissions for The Hidden Noise, London / Glasgow, 2012. Top: performance on opening night of ‘Leaving my old life behind’ collaboration with Sophie Macpherson, at Gallop. Performer Conal McStravick in tracksuit – digital collage on cotton jersey. Bottom: digital collage on cotton, part of ‘House of Yvonne’ (group exhibition with Kenneth Anger, Sophie Macpherson, Colin Self).

‘Shoplifters, Shopgirls’ performance, collaboration with Sophie Macpherson, Tramway Theatre, Glasgow, 2011

‘She-who-presents’, solo exhibition at Spike Island, Bristol, 2009.
Photocopy collages screenprinted on plywood.

‘Our Lady of the Conscious Optics’ (miniatures). Bottom left: in ‘Four Fatrasies’ exhibition (with Alex Pollard) at Pumphouse Gallery, London, 2010. Bottom right: in ‘Madame Realism’ at MARRES, Maastricht, 2011, with ‘Self Portrait with Actress and Maid’, 2005.

‘Parole Vaine’ and ‘Bandaged Heads’ series, shown at CCA, Glasgow; Linn Lühn, Cologne and Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow. Top left: ‘The Unguarded Moment’, bottom right: ‘Miss Verily-Existent & Miss Quite-Transcendent Strike Poses’, 2007 (Photo credits: Ruth Clark and Alan Dimmick respectively)
Photocopy collage glued / screenprinted on plywood; found painted wood on plywood.

‘Unguarded Moment’ series. Drawings: stencilled spraypaint and pencil on paper. Sculptures: jelutong wood and gouache.

Clockwise from top left: ‘Striped field with Daumier Bust’, ‘The Eel’, ‘La Technique’, ‘Wigs’, ‘The Failure’, ‘La Caricature’.
All stencilled spraypaint and pencil on paper.